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Marketing today has little to do with what was done in the past. Today, everything moves online. And this has achieved that the communications have taken a complete turnaround. Consumers do not relate in the same way with brands and therefore they have had to resort to other strategies such as inbound marketing. This is nothing more than attraction marketing in which Netherlands Phone Number List is no longer persecuted but is tried to attract them with interesting content. For a long time, inbound marketing has been led by two communication models. The first of these is B2B (Business to Business), that is, business to business. And the second is B2C (Business to Consumer), which means business to consumer. However, over the years both models evolved to become a system that the consumer does not really understand, which is why they became obsolete.

Industry experts began to understand that the interaction between the brand and Netherlands Phone Number List had to change, and thus a third communicative model was born: the H2H (Human to Human), or person to person. The market understood that communication has become more direct and personalized, especially thanks to the use of new spaces such as social networks. And it is that these have been precisely the fertile ground where companies interact directly with customers. With social networks, companies bet on user experiences. This means that the social component comes into play. The problem is that working on the social level is difficult for an inanimate entity such as companies. However, that is precisely what the H2H model solves.

Today, for a marketing campaign to have an effect on Netherlands Phone Number List, it must touch their emotions. It is no longer about selling a product, but about understanding, customer needs and making them feel valued and heard. This cannot be achieved with a B2B or B2C model because it is people who have emotions and not companies. Furthermore, these two models have never been very logical in terms of structure. Business to Business does not really exist because we never actually buy from the company but from a person within that organization. Companies are made up of people and they bring humanity to them. And the objective is that companies try to transmit that humanity through their brands and in their communication.

In addition to taking into account that those who have emotions are people and not companies, H2H is a model that establishes that people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. What does this mean? That if a Netherlands Phone Number List is satisfied with their purchase, they will not hesitate to share it with others, either on social networks or among their close friends. This action helps brands create loyalty ties with customers that have little to do with price or their products. It's about the experience. Another reason inbound marketing should be H2H is that this model allows people to feel included. Humans are social beings who like to feel that they are part of something and that they are also recognized for it. Since that way they can comment, share and contribute ideas.

The H2H model also guarantees the transparency of the company. This evolution in communication, which is now more direct, has made Netherlands Phone Number List want to know everything about the company. And if such information is not offered to them, customers will distrust the brand. Importance of H2H for your company. You should keep in mind that an H2H inbound marketing approach is not only aimed at producing effusive emotions. But it also brings many other benefits. This new communication model is important because it transmits confidence and security to consumers. In addition, this leads to long-term relationships with customers. The H2H model also has more potential for oral dissemination. It also helps companies listen and respond to the changes demanded by customers. Finally, don't forget that by implementing an H2H inbound marketing strategy, your messages will be much closer to Netherlands Phone Number List and this approach will be reflected in the positive results of your sales.